Hotel Furniture: How Fitted Furniture Can Help Hotel Owners Big Time

Do you have plans to open a boutique hotel? Do you want to give your currently running hospitality business a facelift, so as to make the facility more appealing to potential guests? The fact is that like so many other things today, the world of hospitality, too, is evolving constantly and at a rapid pace. Hotel owners, large and small alike, want to offer their clients a unique experience. But how do you do that? Well, one way would be to design and modify your current interior and to furnish it in a manner so the space will look comfortable, homey, chic and novel, all at the same time. Like when you use fitted furniture (such as modern fitted bedroom furniture) for all your major interior spaces.

Furnishing a Hotel

Furnishing a hotel, even a smaller one, is quite an overwhelming task. You'll need to obtain such a large list of items for the rooms, the lobby and the lounge, the dining space, hallways, terrace and other outdoor spaces, etc. With larger hotels, the task obviously grows in magnitude as they will have to plan for conference rooms, bars, spa, swimming pool area and other recreational spaces.

Just to give you some idea, for the lobby and lounge alone, one will need to choose a variety of furniture items that include reception desk, end tables, coffee tables, sofa, lounge chairs, office chairs (and other seating accommodation items), bookshelves, rugs, storage cabinets, and so on.

Similarly, for the rooms, you'll need to plan a whole host of items such as beds, cots, dressers, desk chairs and desks, wardrobes, lamps, tables, nightstands, lounge chairs, bathroom fixtures and items, etc. Again, if the accommodation facility comes with an in-house restaurant or offers a continental breakfast, you'll have to obtain dining tables and chairs, booth seating or benches, storage and cabinets, lounge or terrace seating options (if applicable) and so on. 

How Fitted Furniture Can Help

So, we can see that it is quite a task furnishing even a smaller accommodation facility such as a lodge, guest house, bed & breakfast or a boutique hotel. And of course, furnishing a hotel does not only involve making a thorough checklist of each and every item you'll need and then simply purchasing them. You'll also need to make sure that all the items you choose fit in seamlessly with the overall décor and aesthetic of your lodging facility (since this is what makes a space truly appealing and gives you that potential edge over your competitors). 
And this is where fitted furniture can be a big help to hotel owners. Bespoke fitted furniture sets are made to measure which means they ensure optimum use of available space in any particular area (rooms, lobby, lounge, dining), at the same time as they make way for a clean and neat aesthetic. Freestanding wardrobes, tables, dressers, etc. often create unwieldy gaps that can make a space look cluttered and can give way to an unappealing aesthetic. The same goes true for when the individual items fail to properly complement each other. 

This is why we feel fitted furniture is a great option for hotel owners. You can get high quality, built-in modern fitted bedroom furniture as well as fitted furniture for other spaces from brands like John Lewis, Hammonds, B&Q, Argos, Wickes, Sharps, Sliderobes and Next---to name only the very bests. Most of these brands also offer design and planning services if and when you want customizable options for furnishing all the different spaces within your hotel or lodging facility.